We've all got questions; hopefully I can answer some of 'em for you here. Otherwise, feel free to send me an email at support@commissionertools.com, or you can message me on reddit at arbrown83.

  • My league data doesn't show up! Why not?
    • Chances are your league is set to private in the league settings page. Due to recent changes to the ESPN login system, the tool isn't able to get data from private leagues, unfortunately.¬†
  • Nope, my league is set to public and I still don't see any data.
    • You may want to try clicking the Update Stats button at the bottom of the league page. It might take a few seconds, but that should pull your data down into the system.
  • If you make this work for [Yahoo/CBS/NFL] I'd love you forever!
    • Awww, thanks. Adding these other sites is in the pipeline, but it's probably gonna take some time.¬†